EUnetHTA WP6 tools

EUnetHTA Adaptation Glossary

EUnetHTA Adaptation Glossary

The Adaptation Glossary aims at providing an online access to definitions created by EUnetHTA Project WP5 (under the form of a PDF document).

EUnetHTA Aggregator

EUnetHTA Aggregator

The Aggregator aims at providing a demonstrator of Interoperability standards that help to facilitate and fasten the information exchange, and reduce duplication of informaiton or meta data encoding: RSS and OAI-PMH.

EUnetHTA Complementary documents repository (prototype)

EUnetHTA Complementary documents repository

The Complementary documents repository aims at providing a place to privately share documents related to already published HTA reports. Not in production.

EUnetHTA Intranet (from 2013)

EUnetHTA Intranet

The EUnetHTA Intranet is a private Website restricted to employees of EUnetHTA Partners or Associates organisations. The EUnetHTA Intranet is subdivided into several groups

It replaces the former Members ony site, and Work rooms.

EUnetHTA Members Only site (from 2010 until 2013)

EUnetHTA Members Only site

The Members Only site aims at providing to Partners and Associates a restricted area to share information and documents.

EUnetHTA Planned and Ongoing Project database (POP db)

EUnetHTA Planned and Ongoing Project database (POP db)

The Planned and Ongoing Projects database (POP db) aims at providing a place to privately share planned or ongoing projects.
General management of the tool (content, users) is achieved by LBI-HTA; software maintenance and hosting is achieved by DIMDI (Germany).

EUnetHTA Toolbar

EUnetHTA Toolbar

The toolbar aims at providing shortcuts to EUnetHTA tools and useful tools.

EUnetHTA Workrooms (from 2010 until 2013)

EUnetHTA Workrooms

Work rooms provide a work area to groups.

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EU flagThe EUnetHTA JA 2 has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.

About this site

This site is hosted by the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) who participates at the European network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) since its creation in 2006.

The site describes tools developed by Work Package 6 lead by KCE (Belgium), and co-lead by DIMDI (Germany).


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